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Founded in 2016 by Laura Riera, the designs are born from the reflection of her creative director. Inspired by the mastery of geometry and characterized by minimalism and conceptual design.

The approach transmits the in fluence of different artistic movements, seeking pure lines and being one of the essential pillars the contrast between tradition and avant-garde.

While the specialized team creates the designs in the studio in Barcelona, the production is based in southern Spain, where masters of craftsmanship transform leather into pieces

where quality strives for the balance of perfection.


THE SANT bags add value to the way in which women communicate through accessories, enhancing their individuality by creating bags that are unique in design, timeless and exclusive.

THE SANT brings the luxury bag with top quality materials and finishes, within an ethical and sustainable chain.


Craftsmanship is the essence of THE SANT. Through sustainable designs, they reflect their importance in today’s culture.

With an artistic, avant-garde and timeless approach, THE SANT transfers its designs to master craftsmen, who with generations of acquired experience transform the best materials into unique and exclusive pieces that last over time.

Sustainability and responsible production are fundamental pillars of the brand. Manufacturing is made entirely in Spain, generating local employment and ensuring an ethical chain throughout the production and distribution process.


The creased handle is one of the recognisable elements of THE SANT. The large leather folds contrast with the pure and rigid lines of the body of the bag.

The framed padding is another of the great elements that make THE SANT bags special enhancing the architechtural lines of each piece.


Currently present in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Qatar and Kuwait together with the best partners, our future is to continue expanding throughout the world, being faithful to our commitment to sustainability through an exclusive distribution.

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